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November 2022 Meeting:

Thursday, November 17th at 1 pm

We don't meet in December, so this meeting will be our annual Christmas social.

We have gratefully accepted an invitation to have the event in  the home of one of our members, Linda.  For her address, please consult your MCG emailing.

Instead of buying gifts to exchange, for something different this year, we decided on a coffee mug exchange. Please enclose a note in the mug describing a favourite memory you have of Christmas in the past. Also be sure and wrap your mug in paper so mugs can be selected randomly. No need to purchase a new mug. It can be used, from home or found at a recycling store such as MCC.

This is a potluck finger food event. Beverages will be provided.

Food for thought...


With all that is happening all around us now we can certainly appreciate this one.

This will start your morning with joy.

The MGC Covid Pandemic project received some interesting material.  We will share them all together when we next meet...

Write a Covid Letter Project:

Visit our website frequently for updates.

... and be sure to check our our "Archives" tab for past events and activities, and check out our "Seminars / Education" tab for information which you may use in your genealogy pursuits.