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MGC is a non-profit organization which meets once each month (except July, August and December). See details of meeting times on our home page.

Members a little ahead of meeting time when there is opportunity to acquaint themselves with other members, researchers and guests, while sharing thoughts and ideas together. Meetings are under 2 hours.

Throughout the year we present speakers and lecturers who bring their experience and knowledge of various genealogy and family history subjects to our attention. We also enjoy field trips to different repositories, research centres, seminars and local historic attractions from time to time.

Our aim is to preserve, find and display genealogical materials and to guide and help members and public in the fascinating and rewarding world of searching for our family ancestors and their stories... keeping our family history alive.


On the evening of Tuesday, April 29th, 1980 at 7:00 p.m., the first meeting was held. The official name was "Mission Genealogical" and nine (9) people gathered in the home of Dolores Hagerty. These individuals were:

Marguerite Abbot; Mary Abbott; Dolores Hagerty; Jo-Anne Larsen; Reeta Lightburn; Mabel McRae; Catherine Maynard; Francis Simpson and Phyllis Simpson.

It was decided to meet on the last Tuesday of every month with the exception of July, August, and quite probably December. The location? A room tucked behind the Fraser Valley College Office in the "Old" Mission Hospital on 5th Avenue.

As planned, the 2nd meeting took place with nine (9) people in attendance:

Mary Abbott; Phyllis Atkinson; Sylvia Brown; Dorothy Crosby; Dolores Hagerty; Mabel McRae; Reeta Lightburn; Leslie Ryan and Karen Vishloff.

Only four (4) from the first meeting were present, with the balance proving that Mission residents had an interest in Genealogy.

For this meeting Mabel McRae had ordered a film on Immigration from Norway from the Genealogical Society on Kincaid in Burnaby. The film included the "World Conference of Records" in Utah (1968) covering France, Norway, Quebec, etc. if anyone would be interested in viewing it?

She also announced they were having an Open House on the 2nd floor of the Library Building of the Britannia Community Services Center, 1661 Napier Street, Vancouver (near Commercial Drive) on the 2nd Wednesday of June. Note: This was recorded incorrectly in the minutes of the meeting. It should have read "The British Columbia Genealogical Society" (BCGS).

Dolores Hagerty remarked that they should consider becoming a branch of the BCGS as ten (10) members in good standing were required to apply and the Club was now at six (6) with:

Mary Abbott; Dolores Hagerty; Reeta Lightburn; Catherine Maynard; Mabel McRae and Debbie Trenholme.

The 3rd meeting of Mission Genealogical took place on Tuesday, June 24th, 1980 where the discussion centered around:

1. a "Name" for "our Society"

2. continue as we are

3. become an independent Society

4. become a branch of BCGS

On January 28th, 1981 Mission became a branch of BCGS receiving $ 100.00 as working capital. Within a year, the present name "Mission Genealogy Club" (MGC) was officially adopted.

After only a few years, a break between BCGS took place and MGC became an independent genealogical organization. It was during the following years that a working relationship with Mission Archives and Mission Library was established.

For a few months in 1990, the short-lived name of "Mission Links Genealogical Club" was used, but soon reverted back to the MGC.

Due to weather conditions, the January 25th, 1996 meeting was cancelled - it was a first for the club. On October 25th of the same year, an agreement between the Mission Library and the Mission Genealogy Club was signed to house the growing collection of research books.

Iola Remple became the first MGC Lifetime Member after Bobbie Peterson made the motion that was seconded by Phyllis Atkinson and carried on October 23rd, 1999.

MGC was fortunate to have Phyllis Atkinson as Mission Genealogical Club's librarian fulfilling a demanding role as our holdings were then kept at the Main Library.

Lena Charlton (one of our Librarian's), began the creation of MGC's own Genealogical Resource Library within the perimeters of the Mission Library's Newspaper Room which was completed in 2005.

The club continues to grow and welcomes new members at any time.